Getting Into The Cannabis Industry: A Beginner’s Guide

1. Knowing Where to Start The cannabis industry has been one of the fastest growing business sectors in the U.S. the past few years. Currently, 33 states have legalized recreational marijuana use. That number will inevitably grow. As the industry grows, so will job opportunities for people looking to break into the business.  From 2020 […]

How to Optimize Your Resume for a Career in Cannabis

1. What is the Current State of Jobs in the Cannabis Industry An effective and well-structured resume is a key component when applying to jobs nowadays. This is even true when it comes to the cannabis industry. As this particular business sector continues to grow, the need for more workers is going to grow, as […]

How One Cannabis Job Platform Is Changing The Game

By partnering with a variety of vendors for the job fair, services such as record expungements with help from Minorities from Medical Marijuana ere accessible. Help with building resumes was available and Oaksterdam University awarded scholarships to some of the attendees. MJ Brand Insights wrote a great feature article about the event’s success and major […]