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To make a bigger impact, our events features onsite attorneys to help those affected by the war on drugs learn and start expungement, if applicable to the candidate.

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Career Readiness Center

Our events feature an onsite career center for job seekers to receive free help from resumes coaches, interview coaches, Linkedin coaches, credit coaches, get a professional headshot and much more!

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Our free events allow job seekers to explore new opportunities at companies, chat with hiring managers, and network with like minded professionals in the Cannabis industry.

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Assess and reach a new candidate pool to strengthen your talent pipeline and meet your company's diversity and equity goals. Be at the forefront of equitable hiring practices. Expand your brand’s presence by ensuring your company is visible to variety of viewers. This in-person event will allow you to chat directly with candidates, network with like-minded professionals, and learn from a panel of successful professionals in the cannabis industry.

"Canna get a 2nd chance"

CannaBIS Career Conferences


Career Conferences

Our mission is to close the gap in restorative justice and diversity and inclusivity within the cannabis industry. We are committed to connecting you directly with the top cannabis employers and educational institutions in the industry. Our virtual and in-person career fairs speed up your job search process. Find job openings located near you and meet online with employers hiring in your city now.

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What you can expect

Cannabis Career Conferences, 40Tons and BrandResumes have teamed up to push social justice and equitable hiring as they bring together employers who want to make a difference. Are you looking to connect with local job seekers? Are you hoping to increase diversity, equity, and social justice in your organization? Are you looking to bring restorative justice to your community? If so, we want you here!

Our event will feature thriving cannabis businesses, engage attendees with on-site professionals for cannabis related conviction expungement, and help you meet your workforce demands. This event is for people trying to land entry, mid, and executive-level positions in the cannabis industry, people with cannabis convictions, people impacted by the war on cannabis, or anyone wanting to get ahead in their cannabis related careers.

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