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Our mission is to close the gap in restorative justice and diversity and inclusivity within the cannabis industry. We are committed to connecting you directly with the top cannabis employers and educational institutions in the industry. Our virtual and in-person career fairs speed up your job search process. Find job openings located near you and meet online with employers hiring in your city now.

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CANNABIS Career Conferences 2022 schedule

August 13th, 2022 in Trenton, NJ

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We bridge opportunity and resources to strengthen our Candidate pool

Resources Provided By Career Conferences Fairs

The career center offers a wide range of services to people looking for jobs in the cannabis field. Being able to receive help with things like writing a resume, getting a professional headshot taken, and searching for current job openings are all ways we help job seekers. These services are excellent tools for people with and without cannabis industry experience.

True restorative justice in the cannabis industry means creating opportunities for people with previous non-violent cannabis convictions. People of color have been disproportionately affected by drug laws on a massive scale. We have teamed up with other advocacy groups to provide free record expungements. Giving people the opportunity to benefit from a cannabis career is a solid step in the direction of restorative justice.

Our workshops are an interactive way to gain professional development within the cannabis industry. Experts in the industry give educational and informative seminars on topics ranging from cannabis basics to strategies for job searches and employee rights in the workplace. Expect to learn from cannabis brand executives, leaders in cannabis advocacy, cannabis law specialists, and more.

Cannabis Hiring Fairs designed the in-person career fair as a way to bring all of our resources together in one place. We are creating nationwide networking opportunities for prospective job seekers and cannabis companies. The services offered at our Canna Get A Second Chance job fairs are also free for all attendees.

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Introducing our cannabis job board

Are you actively looking for a job in the cannabis industry? Browse, apply, and connect with some of the best companies in the cannabis industry now. We have teamed up with some of the leading companies who care about who they hire and the community.

Get instant access to the latest jobs now. Create a free account, upload your resume, and start your journey to landing your next job.

Find Diverse Cannabis Specific Employees

We collaborate with companies to transform the industry. We do this through diverse hiring practices that create inclusive work cultures to bring about social equity. 

We assist job seekers find careers in cannabis, strongly focusing on people with previous non-violent cannabis convictions and BIPOC communities. 

40 Tons has partnered with Oaksterdam University to bring Cannabis education to underserved communities. We believe the path to real restorative justice is through education and opportunity. We give out scholarships at each of our Canna Get a 2nd Chance Cannabis Career Fairs, so check our events tab for the next one near you.

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Marie Montmarquet

" Marie has medicated and sold cannabis in some capacity over 15 years. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology she moved to California from Nashville in 2010. Over the last decade Marie has created numerous successful vertically integrated cannabis businesses with her brother Allen. Including one of largest delivery services in the Bay Area , a large scale cultivation, nursery, processing and distribution facility in Salinas and others. "

Ron Leggett

"Ron Leggettis a first-generation urban Native American, born in Oakland after his parents were relocated as part of the United States Indian Relocation Act of 1956. He is a renowned Community Developer, former non-profit Executive Director, and cannabis retail and production expert. He holds an Associate’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Dietary Manager certification of completion. At the core of his dedication to serving others is his desire to provide holistic support that not only focuses on empowering the individual but also the community at large. This philosophy has guided him to offer innovative solutions without losing sight of how they can transform people’s lives. Ron also co-founded the Oakland Food Pantry, the most successful non-denominational food pantry in Oakland "

Patti O'Brien

Patti O'Brien is a spearheading Nursing professional and committed Herbalist whose underlying missions are to raise the cannabis industry bar and improve life quality. She has an extensive background within the cannabis industry and has cultivated the fundamental leadership skills that have surfaced advancing wellness prosperity and industry growth for the last two decades. Patti's resume is nothing shy of impres- sive. Going from mastering her role in the medical field, she began working at C.A.R.E. in the late 90’s which is one of Oaklands first licensed medical dispensaries during the prop 215 era.

Jason Beck

" Jason Beck is the owner and Founder of Alternative Herbal Health Services. He was one of the first owners, and is the longest continuously-operating owner of, legal cannabis retail operations, with interests in vertically-integrated cannabis companies in multiple states. Born with cerebral palsy, Mr. Beck is in the unique position of being a patient, specialist, advocate, and advisor in the fields of medicinal and adult-use of cannabis. Mr. Beck has regularly provided his insights on the industry for over twenty years to federal, state, and local government officials and legislators of all political persuasions. He also sits on the boards of numerous not-for-profit criminal justice reform groups."